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  1. This is a very simple question, I believe anyone with the device could answer that. Maybe I didn't made myself clear. When you have several dualtones in the banks, when you change from one bank to another, it changes both 2 tones or just one? I really need an answer on that, cause if mine is behaving different I have to send to fix. Thanks!
  2. Hello, I have a POD X3 Live. I did setup several Dual-Tone presets on a bank, but when I try to switch between them (using the footswitches) just one of the tones switch the other remains the same as before. I know this is a very lame question, but I couldn't find the answer anywhere. Is that normal or it is a defect? Thanks!
  3. Go to Applications > Line6 > Lin6 Driver Uninstaller.app and Run then go to > http://line6.com/software/?hardware=PODxt&name=Drivers&os=Mac+OS+X&submit=Show%253A and get the 3rd one 7.1.9 and install / restart that worked for me
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