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  1. I enjoyed reading this discussion and was confused / had a question about one of the posts on what signals actually come out of / go through the variax / VDI. I've been looking at some of the more advanced presets for using the HD500 with a JTV and I recall seeing a video where you could have one "guitar" with standard tuning and another with say an alternate tuning (like a 3rd or 5th up/down) for doing harmony. What wasn't clear was do I need to run both a 1/4 line AND a VDI cable or can it all get done with the VDI? I'm also assuming I want the HD500 to change the models/tunings on the JTV when I select the preset. My 2nd question would be is there ever a case where you would want to have both a 1/4 cable and VDI going to the HD500?
  2. Thanks for the reply. I was afraid I'd have to start over, oh well. I just tried updating my firmware from 1.4 to 2.1 ... it asked me do I want to replace my patches / presets. Do I?
  3. I currently have an X3 Live and am getting an HD500. I have a few questions: Are the X3 Live tones "compatible" with the HD500? Can I open an X3M bundle file in POD HD500 edit and copy one or more tones into the HD500? If not, is there an easy way to export tone files from my X3 Live besides going into GearBox one at a time, loading the tone from the X3 Live and then saving the tone file? Any other comments or suggestions from users who have made this move?
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