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  1. Thanks Steve. I understand the system. As rad mentioned that does nothing for the missing black compression ring at the top of the bar insert. Also wanted to let Rad know that I tried his tape idea but I used electrical tape instead of teflon to wrap the bar. It is a good temporary fix. I cut the the electrical tap strip in half and started the wrap right below the curve of the bar. Worked well. Thanks for the idea Rad! I would have never thought of it. Cheers to all, Vandy
  2. Thanks guys. I appreciate you jumping in. Definitely going to try the tape idea from raditats. That will at least get rid of the clank bar for now. I wish I could find out where those bridge assemblies are manufactured. I would have to assume that they have parts for the assembly. Thanks again
  3. I am trying to locate a place to purchase a tremolo set screw and the black ring that sets in the tremolo receptacle. I have found a replacement bridge assembly at But I certainly don't want to spend $189 for a set screw and a ring. Anyone know how or where to look for these parts. I've attached a pic to help better explain. Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers, Vandy
  4. Thanks man. I looked 1/2 a day for something on this question.
  5. I have an old Variax 600 that I don't use anymore. Does anyone know if I can put the 600 neck on my JTV69????? Thanks
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