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    Known bugs: Variax

    Hi thanks for your comments, I understand how the dont force settings are meant to work i just didnt know exactly what the bug was that has been introduced. I think i will wait on a fix for the time being. Cheers
  2. chessum

    Known bugs: Variax

    Hi so the new version is causing you issues then?
  3. chessum

    Known bugs: Variax

    Hi all, in the latest release the following bug has been identified, can anyone advise exactly what impact this has? I use variax exclusively with my helix and do not want to update and then have to roll back if this is a real problem. Thanks Variax Model min and max sliders do not automatically update when a Variax is connected
  4. Thanks for the feed back. WIll have a go.
  5. Set up 2 signal paths using same source (variax jtv69), work fine, but i cant figure out how you turn them (signal paths) on and off independently (other than using volume blocks), I can see the odd preset that has a switch assigned to do this but cant figure how to add and assign. Any one out there cracked this? Cheers
  6. Hi i had had mine delivered from DV247 yesterday. I dont know how much stock they have, it was shipped from their warehouse (in Germany).
  7. I have windows 7, the app also just hangs stating that the Helix is 'not responding'. Driver installed fine and I managed to update firmware ok though, but really need to be able to save presets patches and load up new ones!
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