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  1. Hi everyone, I use the pod X3 live for both guitar (tone 1) and vocals (tone 2) I think everything is connected OK. Playing at gig or garage volumes everything seems to work fina, but if I play the guitar with the vol. pedal at 0 I can hear the guitar through the PA. Seems like thers's some shortcut or ground problems. My connections: Guitar- Amp in - Amp fx send - X3L guitar IN - X3L live out 1/4 - Amp fx return. Microphone - X3L XLR in - XLR out - PA The output settings are OK (tone 1 muted on the XLR outputs and tone2 muted on the 1/4 output) Any idea ofr why is this happening?? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the answer brazzy!! I cannot understand the noise gate at that position, it only supresses the noise from the guitar!!! :(
  3. Hi, I'd like to know if it's possible to modify the position of the noise gate on the effect chain on the pod x3 live. I use the 4 cable method with an ENGL thunder and everything works fine, but i'd like to put the noise gate at the end of the effect chain to supress the noise of the preamp. Thanks!
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