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  1. Latest software and driver pack with latest "issue" pack ... monkey also hangs up. :(
  2. Hey Guys I've just updated system for Yosemite, downloaded and updated newest drivers for my UX2, I have a several problems: - When i Try to launch Pod Farm app it hangs out and nothing happens, just pod farm picture on screen. - Cubase is hanging during initializing CoreMidi But ... finally after about 10 minutes Cubase launches and all Line6 VST plugins work fine. Just standalone app hangs and CoreMidi too. Any ideas :) ?
  3. Hey Guys, I've had an 2.53 version of the POD Farm (UX2) on my Mavericks OSX, after update to 2.58 - it wont start, POD picture is on the screen and a 'beach ball of doom' appears after a while. I've downloaded and updated Monkey, License and drivers. Monkey also isn't starting. Also, my main working DAW Cubase LE 6 hangs on initialising 'Core Midi'. I've tried to install 2.57 / 56 / 55 ... same. Any advices :) ?
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