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  1. Oh boy, looks like the thermostat got turned up around here! ;) Anyway, I ended up ordering a Dt25/Hd 500 and they should be here early next week. I'll report back after I've had a chance to mess with them to give my comparison to a Vetta. Ultimate test will be later this month when I have an outdoor gig and an indoor gig in the same day. Hope I don't miss the global EQ too much. Am I correct in my understanding that the master volume is the only "global EQ" parameter on my new rig, or is there an update to expand this? If not, any tips to adjust tone to suit the venue that ya'll might have come across would be appreciated!
  2. Thanks everyone for the further advice. Yeah, I'm starting to think the DT25 is the way to go. Plus, it's got all the knobs on top of the amp instead of the front.
  3. Thanks for the advice, everyone. My experience with tube amps has been limited. My thinking is to get the dt50 1X12 with the option of the extra cab if I ever needed it. Now I might need to consider the 25w version! For the distortion effects, I agree that an independant pedal is usually better(the only pedal I use is an Ibanez tube screamer from Analogue Man). I was mostly curious if the effects, overall, are more refined than previous efforts by Line 6. I play in a rather ecclectic band that requiers me to go from clean-surf-metal-jazz-rock tones within a given set. But hey, that's why this technology is so awesome! Concerning the hum in the Vetta, it is definitely more noticeable in certain outlets than others, but always there to a degree (I am aware of how grounding can effect this).
  4. Hey all! I've been using a Vetta I amp for about the last 10 years, but I've come to a crossroad with it. The main display screen doesn't work any more (can't edit patches!) and over time an annoying hum has devolped when the amp is on(nothing plugged in). So at this point I can either pay to have a tech look it over/ fix it or spend that money on a new rig. My question is to anyone with experience using a Vetta. Do you feel that a DT50/HD 500 set up is a significant improvement? Do the effects/distortions/reverbs/etc sound better (less digital?) I'm hoping to crap my pants at the difference! I haven't personally demoed either, but I'm thinking of getting them from somewhere with a good return policy as I know a store testdrive isn't enough time to really get a feel for these things. Also, am I correct in thinking that 50w tube amp is equivilant in volume to a 100w solidstate amp? Convince me to drop $1800! ;)
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