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  1. Thanks for the links man, I wasn't clicking on "go" after selecting.... Anyway, problem solved once I updated the HX Stomp with the driver, Protools allows me now to choose between 44.1 and 48. Thanks again :)
  2. Hi there, I go to that link but I can't see the HX Stomp Driver, any chance on publishing the actual link? Thanks
  3. Hi guys, any ideas how to do this? It looks like by default it comes with 48 KHZ but my Protools project is in 44.1 KHZ. I can't see anything online re-sample rate change in the HX Stomp... Cheers
  4. Thank you so much man, all good now :)
  5. Hi guys, I don't know what is it that I'm doing but I don't seem to be able assign the FS3 to an effect (reverb in this case) I can select the effect in the FS selector of the patch but it doesn't change from tuner/tap to the actual selected effect in the actual foot witch. Is there something I need to do in the main settings to activate/deactivate this and get rid of the default FS3 setting? thanks in advance
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