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  1. Hi All - I've been using a POD UX1 for several years. I am just getting into trying to find custom tones for songs I am doing. Is it possible to ask for someone to create one for me or tell me what amp/effects to use by listening to the song I'm trying to replicate? I am a hobbyist doing covers for my own enjoyment. Right now I am trying to replicate the guitar lead in a Chicago song called "Alive Again". It has an obvious wah, but there are so many amp/effects in POD I don't even know where to start! I'm sure that there are artists out there who can listen, and tell me exactly what amp/effects to use. I'd sure appreciate the help! Bernie
  2. It is my understanding that when I am using the POD Studio UX1 as my audio device I can only hear audio by plugging headphones directly into the POD. I have Bluetooth headphone and am using a Bluetooth capable PC. I have had tons of problems with the wired headphone jack on my JBL Everest Elite Bluetooth headphones. The sound cuts out if you so much as breathe on the cable. I have had the cable replaced, Etc to no avail. is there a way of using Bluetooth headphones with the POD, or some kind of adapter available I can plug into the POD for wireless connection? thanks!
  3. Is there a way to assign keystrokes to a switch on the pedal? I want to assign Cntl-R to switch A. The only software I could find out there that is supposed to do this is called Pedable by NCH but it will not recognize the MKII hardware. Advice appreciated! Bernie
  4. brubenzer

    Adding Amps

    Yes - I am trying to get a tone like Terry Kath from Chicago. he used the Fender Dual Showman, a Bogen Challenger PA amp, and a Cry baby wah. thanks - Bernie
  5. brubenzer

    Adding Amps

    How can I add an amp? I would like to add a Fender dual showman with 2 15" speakers. Thanks!
  6. brubenzer

    How to use Wah with Pod Farm 2

    I have Pod Farm 2 and want to use the wah effect. How is this done? I am recording guitar audio tracks, so does it have to be done while I'm recording the track, or after the track is recorded? In either case, how do I control it? Thanks - Bernie
  7. Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but are there any settings out there to get the Terry Kath sound? Thanks! Bernie