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  1. Hey thanks for the reply. I figured out it had something to do with my "save" button. It was staying on, acting weird but yet it didn't seem stuck or sticky or anything. But once I played with it enough and got it to shut off, I was then able to play around with the edit button and make changes. I think the issue was that the unit was always trying to do a "save", even though I didn't ask for that and had no idea it was trying to do so. Now that I have the edit button working, I was kind of disappointed to find out (hey it's been a while, I totally forgot what I had) that I had version 1.10 I "assumed" that way back when I let someone do an upgrade that it was to the latest and greatest 2.50 version but apparently not. So next on my agenda is upgrading to 2.5, but I don't really feel comfortable doing it for I know you can fry the Vetta if you do it wrong. I'd like to see what options I have as far as having a professional do it, and also maybe backing up and restoring my patches once it's upgraded, we'll see. Thank you so much for the info, and I "might" consider your product once I have a little extra cash for things are very tight right now. On another note, can you tell me what you'd recommend the settings be on the Vetta if I'm plugging into a Marshall 4x12 cabinet. On the back of the cab, it has 2 inputs, and on the top left input it says 4ohms, and the top right of iinput it says 16ohms. I "think" these are the recommended mono settings because on the bottom of both inputs, it says 8ohms on both sides. That being said, I should set the Vetta at 4 ohms if I'm pluging into the cab with only 1 cable and in mono, but set it to 8 ohms if I'm using 2 cables and using it in stereo right? Does that sound correct? The user guide threw me off for I think the settings for a Line6 4x12 cabinet are a little different because the ohms are different than from what on a Marshall cab. Any info is appreciated, and thanks again for your help.
  2. Please help! I have my original Vetta sitting in a room in my house for a while and I decided to dust it off and bring it on out to jam with. Everything works on it EXCEPT for the EDIT function. I can NOT edit any effects or change any settings by hitting this button. All my knobs work and I can change their settings, but when I hit let's say EDIT and then another button like StompBox 1 so I can change the settings, the screen appears like it wants to change to the different screen (very quick, under a second), but the screen won't go to the edit screen. So I cannot change any effect setting or change what type of effect for that matter. Any info is appreciated.
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