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  1. Can the Variax Acoustic 300 Steel String user setting be setup with Alt tunings? Can it be setup with Variax Workbench Through a POD XT live? I have been looking for a Acoustic 700 but they are hard to find and go fast if you find one. Found a 300 hundred but I don't think it has the same functionality as the 700's. Seen a demo sounds good but no modeling or alt tuning I think. Anyone familiar with them? Anyone play with a Variax 300 Electric with Acoustic strings? How does it sound? Might try that I need to get an acoustic with alternate tunings. The Variax electric are ok with the Acoustic but want better. Always want better.
  2. I had a similar thing happen with my Variax 300 and my PODxt Live. I was running with without batteries but had the battery pack in the guitar (not plugged in) put it started making contact with the plug, must have been shorting the signal. If you are not using the battery remove the battery pack. I know sounds stupid but I didn't want to loose the battery pack so I left it in the guitar unplugged.
  3. Ok I did figure it out. I have been using the Variax with the Battery pack in. I had removed the batteries but, put the Battery pack back in the Guitar. (Not plugged in just so it would not get lost) The connection were making contact with the leads in the guitar. This was keeping the guitar from powering up. Once I remove the battery pack all went back to working good. Thanks everyone for your help.
  4. Got the info after updating last night -- have line6 money v1.71 -- Drivers --- Variax Workbench 1.75
  5. At work now will try when I get home. I seen on the Variax Standard you need to plug a 1/4 cable into the guitar to turn it on. Never had to do that before but, would I need that for the 300?
  6. For the first time in a while I hooked up my PODxt Live with my Variax 300 to my PC. Did several updates with Monkey including updating Workbench and drivers. When finished Workbench no longer sees my Variax. Any suggestions?
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