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  1. Spoke too soon. The above fix allows Gear Box to load. But... the moment I plug in the Tone Port UX1, Gear Box crashes. If I plug it in before launching Gear Box, Gear Box freezes on launch. If I launch Gear Box then plug in the UX1, a "Connecting the UX1 to USB" message comes up, and it freezes. I forced Line 6 Monkey to update the USB drivers. No change. Back to being stuck again.
  2. Solved. Here's what I did to get Gear Box working with my Tone Port UX1 under OS X El Capitan: 1) Under Applications > Line 6 > Drivers, run Line 6 Driver Uninstaller 2) From the Line 6 Downloads page, download Version 7.5.7 of the Line 6 Audio/Midi driver, released 11/23/15 3) Run the downloaded package. Restart the Mac. Line 6 Monkey does NOT identify this driver update and will NOT update the driver properly without a manual uninstall of the drivers -- at least, the Monkey would not do it for me. FYI: I could not figure out how to control my UX 1 without Gear Box. I could not get instruments to come through the instrument port, but I could get the mic to work. I still don't understand Pod Farm, what it is or what it does, or whether I have a license or not. But through this driver update, I have the UX1 feeding audio through Gear Box to Garage Band just fine.
  3. I'm sort of in the same boat, only on the Mac platform. I've been happily using GearBox with my Tone Port UX-1 and Garage Band for years, but with the upgrade to El Capitan, I can no longer launch GearBox. My understanding is that Pod Farm is what I "should" be running, but I'm just not sure and I can't seem to get a clear answer from anyone. I am not a pro musician; far from it. My Line 6 Monkey tells me I have the latest version of Pod Farm 2 (which I have never used, and didn't even know I had until recently) but when I try and launch it, I'm told I have no license. When I read the user manual, it's mostly Greek to me about how Pod Farm acts with Garage Band (which I assume is a DAW, but have no idea what DAW actually means). Pod Farm appears to be a Gear Box-type amp modelling, but it's apparently a "plug in" to something, though I can't figure out what. Because I only barely understand what I'm doing, it's possible that Garage Band does all the amp modelling I need (it seems to have a bunch of options along those lines, but I've never tried them), and maybe I can turf my Line 6 software and just use the UX-1 hardware. Can someone explain what I need to do to get back to working again? I was in the middle of recording some stuff and now have ground to a miserable and unhappy halt. I've been dead in the water for weeks and am getting very frustrated with an inability to find help on what to do.
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