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  1. Thanks but I've tried that, but as I've said the problem isn't limited to just Cubase, it happens when just using it as my Pc's soundcard, it seems related to cpu usage, it's more likely to happen if I'm for example listening to music and the open some applications or switch apps.
  2. I just bought the HX Stomp a few weeks ago and I'm having a lot of trouble when recording or playback in Cubase with crackle and pops (asio overload) and when just using it as my soundcard. I've tried all of my usb ports and the problem persists, but it is also random in nature, there are times it will be perfect and other times where it's horrid ad I have to try turning it off and on, rebooting etc, adjusting the buffer has little effect. I updated to the latest firmware and drivers as soon as I got it. My pc specs are an Intel 6700K and an Asus 170Z Pro Gaming mobo, 16GB ram etc. The problem is purely related to the hx stomp, when I try my (usb) Focusrite interface it works perfectly.
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