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  1. BillBee, That seems to be what I'm finding out. Originally bought the Spider IV with the FBV and it worked pretty well. Spoke to someone at Line 6 who explained the HD 500X was a higher end, newer processor, and actually got a great deal on it (the retailer basically swapped out the $200 FBV for the HD 500X because of some problems with my original order from them). So I couldn't pass it up. Only problem now is exactly what you've found. Haven't tried the MP3 jack, may give that a shot. Worst comes to worst I may try to sell off the Spider and give the FH or a DT a shot. Thx for info. J
  2. Mike, Thx for the quick response, I've tried doing that and haven't come up with anything I really like yet, but appreciate the suggestion, first time I've posted to this forum and I have to say I'm impressed how fast the responses started, thx again, J
  3. Can someone tell me if they have found a good way to connect a Spider IV amp (I have the 120) and a POD HD500x fx pedal? I've tried going through "clean" channels/settings, but the sound is never as good as it is listening to my JTV-59 Variax and POD HD500x directly into headphones. I understand that the Spider IV is a modeling amp and doesn't have an FX loop to bypass the preamp on the Spider IV. Is there anyway to use these three pieces (JTV Variax, POD 500X & Spider IV) in some way that can even get close to the dream rig? Been looking into the idea of selling off the Spider IV and either putting my money into a DT25 or DT50 amp or the newer Firehawk 1500. I'd also appreciate advice on the DT's vs. the new Firehawk, understand its a modelling amp based on the Firehawk pedal. Is this maybe just a good time to wait and see what comes after the Firehawk 1500? I'd appreciate any advice any other users or Line 6 techs can offer so I can get the best out of what I've already invested in. I'm generally using the equip. for home use, but may want to do some light gigging locally in the future. Thx in advance, Joe
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