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  1. I've got the FBV MKII working in Ableton Live.
  2. Great post, Xourel! Thanks for the info. I've got it (mostly) working now.
  3. Ableton doesn't support VST3. VST2 is working with no issues for me.
  4. I believe I read the full MIDI implementation won't be ready for a couple of releases.
  5. This FAQ says VST2 will be supported. The main site does not reference VST2. Can someone from L6 confirm if VST2 is supported? I want to use this with Ableton Live which is a little bit behind the times with no VST3 support. Also, the question about about if Helix Control can be used hasn't been answered. Finally, I can't wait to hear how the routing will work. Hopefully I can route to various inputs/outputs on my audio interface to be able to use stomp boxes with this.
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