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  1. Ok, I've tried the GX into all the other USB ports on my computer and it works fine except for the one that causes the shutdown so must be something wrong with that particular port. thanks.
  2. Yes, I have and both 1/8 to 1/4 y's work with the computer's onboard sound card. No I have not tried recording anything, I'm 100% new to recording and was only gonna try that after I had gotten at least somewhat comfortable with the Pod Farm/Studio GX............. :(
  3. Hello ! So does anyone here know if this can be replaced? Surely it can, right? :mellow:
  4. Anyone? I have searched the net and had zero luck in finding ANY info on replacing one of these jacks....... :(
  5. It's a black-face and says "Studio GX" I have both Pod Farm 1.12 and Pod Farm 2.5 have run monkey and everything seems fine AND it did work perfectly the first two or three times I used it. I really think it's the headphone out jack. I don't know why it worked the first two or three times I used it BUT I think neither of the 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo plugs I'm using are making up contact for the left side, which I think is the "sleeve" part of the plug. IF it is the jack surely it can be replaced, right?
  6. Yes, same with headphones Yes, I think it was the same for all sounds, I know I went to you tube and no left side sound there either.
  7. This was only the third time I've had a chance to use the GX but it was bought used on ebay about two or three weeks back. I really am hoping it can be repaired and done so at a low cost................. I thought about opening up the GX but for some reason can't seem to find an Allen Wrench in the right size.
  8. First I used a set of regular old powered computer speakers with it's 1/8" stereo plug seemed to work fine the first two times I used the GX. Then I used a 1/8" male to two 1/4 mono female Y cable then a 1/4" male to 1/4" male patch cord from there to a pair of Fostex 3001B power monitors, again worked great for about 10-15 mins but then I noticed only the right side working, I checked my connections and all seemed to be good BUT still no sound out of the left side speaker so, I then switched BACK to the pair of computer speakers and still only the right one works when plugged into the GX, BUT both sides of the Fostex 3001B and the computer speakers work when plugged into my onboard sound card..............
  9. Ok, so a few days back I got a used studio and it worked great for two or three uses (which was about two weeks time) today I started using it and the left speaker STOPPED working, I have confirmed that the speaker is ok by plugging the speakers back into the computers' onboard sound card and they both work fine. IS there anything to be done or is it trash unless I just want to use it right side only?
  10. Hi folks, So, I just picked up a used Studio GX a few days back and love it so far but have a question. When setting it up I was plugging it's USB cable into one of the USB ports on the back of my computer and the computer suddenly shut down! I unplugged it turned the computer back on and tried twice more and the same thing happened BOTH times, then I turned it back on and plugged the GX's USB cable into one of the two front USB ports on my machine, works great with NO perceivable Latency so I'm ok with using it on the front BUT what could be the problem with plugging into the back port? ANY ideas, any at all?
  11. I'm using the Studio GX but I'm sure this would be the same for any external sound card including the UX?......... See if I have this right,,,,, So IF I do NOT want to have the hassle of switching back and forth "Physically" I'll have to go into my audio settings and switch back and forth each time within the settings there?
  12. Thanks, I asked the above question because I had never read anything FROM anyone STATING that BOTH could be utilized simultaneously. So IF I use BOTH simultaneously, I'll hear EVERYTHING I normally hear from the computer through that set of speakers AND only Pod Farm sounds from the set of powered monitor speakers that will be plugged into the Studio GX? I just want to make sure before hooking something up only to see/hear it blowing/burning and finding out later from someone, "oh you can't do that" ;)
  13. I just bought a Studio GX and have it set up like most mention by unplugging my computers speakers and plugging them into the GX and it works great BUT I have a question. IF I don't want to use the GX as an external sound card at "all times" and instead only want to use the GX when using Pod farm and recording software can I leave the computer's speakers plugged in to the computer's sound card and plug in a set of "powered Personal monitor" speakers that I have on hand into the Studio GX and leave it plugged in all the time? IDs there ANY problem with doing this IF it will even work? I just don't want to use the GX as the sound card for everything ALL the time NOR do I want to be plugging AND unplugging stuff all the time.............
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