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  1. Hereit is: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/27614060/CLN%20FX%20LOOP%20%281%29.h5e I think it's more of a general issue, less of a patch issue
  2. Yeah I don;t think I would get a dry signal if I didn't...
  3. Hi I recently connected my Mini Rectifier to my POD HD500 with the 4cm. Also, I made sure I have the FX Loop block on the preset. I do get sound, but I don't get the effect after the FX loop. Any suggestion to why it can happen? Tried panning the mixer to the center, tried playing with the knobs on the FX loop block see if it might help, but nothng, I simply get a dry pre FX loop single Thank you for your time
  4. H am tweaking my presets on POD HD 500 EDIT, but when I every time I save them to POD HD500 and change the footswitch it seems like it doesn't save it. Any ideas? Tried googling it but seems like Line 6 didn't respond
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