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  1. Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately your suggestion doesn't work since pc can't see the pod if the latter starts after the former. Thanks again Carmine
  2. Hi all I have a problem with my POD HD. The USB is not working properly. My POD connect to the PC only if I start (or restart) the latter whit my POD on. If I connect the POD after computer is switched on POD edit show the message "POD not Connected" and the POD is not in the list of the PC's Playback Device. So if I restart the computer all works. Does anyway have this problem? I have also noticed that the USB connection on the POD is quite loose. Thanks in advance Carmine
  3. Thanks for your reply. Yes, I can and can hear the difference in volume in headphones. But in the video record i have no change in volume: guitar low and backing track loud. Carmine
  4. Hi Hope i can get some help. I used to record videos using pod HD as audio interface in my video recording software. It was nothing fancy, just to send it to my teacher. I created a patch in the HD with 2 channel, one for the guitar and one for the backing track and set the levels for that. All of sudden when I record the backing is terrible louder while guitar can not be heard. I did not change anything I am aware of, even if I decrease all the volume of the aux path when recording is still very high. Any idea what could be? Thanks in advance Carmine
  5. Hi Hope someone can give me some suggestions. I play just for my hobby, so I need to use headphone while playing. I connected my Hd500 to my Blackstar HT5 to use it for the effects. I read as much as possible on how to use and how to tweak it but the sound was horrible ‎Out of desperation I tried without headphone, with the amp at very low volume: it was incredible well sounding, I was really impressed. I know it is an amp problem but can I do something to make it sound so well with headphones? Thanks in advance ‎ Best regards, Carmine
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