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  1. Enable offline editing for the Helix Editor (for those of us who can't be next to the Helix Rack/Pedal all day).
  2. Create an Amp Closet, where user-created amp/cab combos could be stored and easily pasted into effects chains. I understand that this can already be done with simple copy/paste, but an Amp Closet makes more intuitive sense.
  3. active path >----------------------------------------------------> vs inactive path >----------------------------------------------------> This would be helpful when toggling between two or more signal paths. And hopefully easy to implement.
  4. Tip for Mac OS El Cap: if you get a "verifying ..." hangup during install, then restart in safe mode (hold shift) and install again.
  5. The Helix effect parameters are adjusted by a row of six rotary dials, which reminds me of the Korg A3. Anyone else notice this? I'd show a comparison pic, but this posting editor isn't intuitive...
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