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  1. I have updated the amp itself, and un-installed the App from my new iphone and downloaded it again, but the App constantly says 'Device not connected' It is connected via Bluetooth, in fact I have never had Bluetooth connectivity issues I can play music from my phone to the amp I just cannot get the app to work Very frustrating, has any one else had this problem ?
  2. Sorry but I have to disagree with you here ! It is completely Line 6's responsibility to make it's users are aware of problems. I started this topic with the basic of requests, that Line 6 email their registered users, it's plain and simple customer service ! I get plenty of Line 6 advertising emailed to me, but it doesn't occur to them that a warning email would be appropriate? !! I have too much going on in my life to consider checking every App will work after an IOS upgrade, they just should, all my other Apps work. A company the size of Line 6 should be completely on the ball when they are relying on a third party operating system, and Apple would have given them plenty of notice to make changes and apply fixes. I feel for the people on here who are using the amp in a live situation and for paying gigs. I personally only have the Amplifi 150 at home as a practice tool, so I'm getting by with the 4 sounds I had preset, but it's not ideal and I hate things when they're not working properly.
  3. It's a shame the compatibility statement wasn't emailed out to registered users! I'd already updated my iPhone and iPad to IOS9. It was only logging into Line 6 to see if there was a problem that I came across the statement, too late, I now have a useless Amplifi 150 I hope the app is updated soon.
  4. Absolutely love my 150, seriously couldn't be happier ! Not just as a practice tool, but gigging too For all the people who say this isn't loud enough, they must have a problem (either technical, or with their ears?!) And for people who say the bass is an issue, ... have you heard of EQ ? My Les Paul through this is pure thunder (now I have the presets correct !) All of the presets need to be tweeked to personal preference, I haven't found one that I liked straight from the cloud. I've disabled the tone search when I play MP3's as I'm happy using my own tones, and not bothered with finding a tone that's considered 'close' to the original. It was good fun for a while but not for me, however, it would be invaluable to someone in a covers band, as you can save the 'correct' guitar tone for every song in the set ! I have a vast catalogue of 'backing tracks' in various styles and can sit for hours jamming along. I love that I get such great tones and the backing music from one box I tend not to use this as a 'music player', as I bluetooth my itunes to my Bose which is far superior As a guitar amp I'm very happy, and considering the vast amount of tonal capabilities, spending less that 400 quid was a no brainer I just need to invest in a footswitch, and I see there are some discussions on here, so that's where I heading now
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