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  1. No I havent uploaded to the cloud yet still havent had much time with it i ll try this weekend. But basically if you turn the cab simulator to non and pump the volume up and maybe add a compressor you really here the difference mudd vs saturation.
  2. Ok so I just picked the 150 and first I wasn't blown away by the hi gain amps sounds. Years ago I owned a triple rectifier full stack and used to play hard rock and metal. I was hoping this amp would at least give me some similarities to the sounds I was used to. As I was about to give up from tweaking and downloading presets I decided to mismatch the cab simulators and mic Ing and notice some differences but still sounded muddy with no saturation or sizzle then I clicked none on the cab simulator and WOW instant difference pure creamy saturation similar to the tremonti/creed sound using the tread plate amp. So yes if you turn off the cab simulators their can be some great metal amp sounds when dialed in properly. Just grabbed a fbv short board on eBay to seal the deal hope this helps.
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