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  1. You're maybe right, it's a shame : this unit weights around 10kg, with the objective to replace a full rig.
  2. Thank you for the answer, Well that confirms what I read... fx midi sync is a good start, helix is now half way to be the perfect pedalboard.
  3. Hi ! Does the new fw version enables looper to quantize loops recording with incoming midi tempo ?
  4. Still NO midi/tempo sync ability of Helix (unit costing $1,500) in this firmware version. This makes me loosing my humour sense and this last bullet point did not make me laugh at all.
  5. Hi, I've just brought back home my brand new Helix - sounds are worth the money :) Though I've just figured out that there is NO tempo clock via MIDI - this sounds incredible for a 1500EUR/$ unit... Thus, I cannot sync my effects together with my stomp pedals (which by the way, have a tempo sync feature via midi clock and do not cost 1500EUR/$) If line6 could even pretend working on that matter, this would prevent me from giving the unit back to the shop...
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