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  1. Hello people! Pod Farm 2.5 will work at 64-bit Cubase? Or to sell the license, without hoping for "perspective"?)
  2. I look to you like a maniac ... but still ... You can do here such a screen, but only Logic. Sorry about the molestation)))
  3. Many thanks for the screen! I saw it ))) I will address in a support. Where are the owners Cubase ???
  4. Okay. I repeat the question. You can attach a screen with operating without a bridge podfarm in Logic 64? I'll be grateful to you)
  5. Sorry, I'm interested in the work podfarm within these DAWs (64 bits). I have nothing against Logic )
  6. I have several Macs and podfarm does not work under 10.8+ or under 10.9 in 64 bits. It is very difficult when you install podfarm make a mistake)))
  7. If you are not hard, then please do a screen in the 64 bit plug-in without the bridge.
  8. Hi! Anybody can throw scan working pod farm 2.5 in Cubase 64 bit on a Mac (without a bridge)? I have a plug-in works only through the bridge. I would be very grateful!
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