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  1. Yes, BPM display on home routing screen or scribble strip, plus make BPM adjustable on delay block settings.
  2. Hey guys need help. Loving the Firehawk, now attempting to do some recording into my iPad 4 via the camera connection. I am using Beatmaker 2 and had imported a 16 bit/44.1 MHz wav file from Dropbox. Played the file before hooking up FH, sounds great. But when I plug in FH via lightning/camera connection kit, the file plays faster and higher pitch. Sounds like a bit rate thing, any advice?
  3. I like it so far, sounds goods and the app is great. One thing I have run into is that I tried using my variax without the battery and although it got signal, it would not turn on modeler. I could turn on manually and it is powered, but it would not switch models when using the Firehawk. Anybody else experience this or tried without battery. I did this b/c I need to know if my battery is dead, I could finish a gig. Also I am noticing some artifact when switching some of the patches, don't know if that's normal or not. Thanks!
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