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    Firehawk still no UK delivery.

    Hi mcbeddall. I suppose that I'm the German guy you mentioned ;-) As I've already posted two times in different threads, line6 is now distributed by Yamaha Germany. This is for complete Europe and according to Yamaha they have run into some trouble while re-organizing their company. Therefore they had to postpone the European Release for the firehawk. The Yamaha guy told me that a few weeks ago and he said that they try real hard to hit end of May / beginning of June. My local dealer contacted Yamaha yesterday and they have updated their release date to Jube 7th....
  2. devilinside82

    Now a 4/8 ship date

    I've already written this in another thread but Uk, Germany and other European countries won't probably see the firehawk release before the end of May/beginning of June. Yamaha Germany is now in charge of distributing Line6 products for Europe. I contacted them a few weeks ago and they told me that they ran in some problems while restructuring the company. Therefore they had to push back firehawks European release...
  3. devilinside82

    Time between preset swtiching unbearable.

    Oh no. I thought that I won't get this problem by investing in the firehawk fx. I borrowed the amplifi fx from a friend of mine and the patch switching had massive delay. I really hoped that this would be fixed on the firehawk fx. Kind of a real bummer and another con I can add to my list. I really like the firehawk design and app-wise but maybe I should wait for the big anouncement which digital igloo hinted. On the other hand I'm 33 years old beginner guitarist who will probably (99% confident) never ever play any gigs...
  4. devilinside82

    Firehawk Remote Issues

    Hey guys. I just checked my remote app on my s4 and I've got the same issue. I can't remember having that issue when I first started the app weeks ago. I updated my s4 to the latest firmware last week so I guess that could be the cause for the issue....
  5. devilinside82

    New HD Amp bundle for FIREHAWK FX too?

    I think that they will make them available a few weeks down the road. There's no real reason why they shouldn't. They'd please the begging people who'd like to have the Panama (and others) and they can get another extra cash from all those "new-to-line6-firehawk"-users...
  6. devilinside82

    Now a 4/8 ship date

    Come on guys don't be so disappointed. In Germany we have to wait till end of June. Normally we would have gotten it end of april as well but Yamaha messed up the European distribution/inclusion of Line6 and so we have to wait even longer :-(
  7. devilinside82

    firehawk fx remote app is out. what do you think?

    Hey guys, it's me again. I Just messed around a bit with the app and realized that the "new" amps aren't included. I searched the internet but I couldn't find any info whether the model packs are also coming to the firehawk or not.
  8. devilinside82

    firehawk fx remote app is out. what do you think?

    I know but(at least)Line 6 confirmed that they are shipping the units for the States since yesterday. Hope they are announcing something soon. Until then, podfarm 2.5 and rocksmith it is...
  9. devilinside82

    firehawk fx remote app is out. what do you think?

    Would be awesome to get an official release date for Germany but unfortunately Line 6 don't know or tell it by now :-( One German shop says April 17th, others say late June and eveb later :-/ The wait and playing with the app is killing me ;-)
  10. devilinside82

    firehawk fx remote app is out. what do you think?

    Google play store
  11. devilinside82

    firehawk fx remote app is out. what do you think?

    Hi silverhead thx for the heads up! A line 6 rep replied to me on facebook and said that it would be possible to get a looper with a firmware update but that he didn't know if that happens. According to this rep the firehawk is less powerful than the hd500x and therefore we won't see dual chains in the future. Those two missing features are the only things holding me off from buying the firehawk although I possibly won't need them as a beginner guitarist. The looper could be "replaced" via a backingtrack...
  12. Hi guys the remote app is finally available and therefore I hope that the firehawk fx will be released soon. I'm really looking forward to it because I enjoyed my short testperiod with the amplifi fx. I just had a short look at the app and I thought that the firehawk fx had more possibilities for fx than the amplifi. Seems that I'm wrong because both have the same amount of fx places except for the fx loop on the firehawk fx. Furthermore I'm a bit disappointed about the lack of hd fx in general. I thought that there would be more hd wahs/delays et cetera. I'm a guitar beginner (played my western and les paul on/off for 6years) and I'm still on the fence whether to buy the firehawk fx or the hd500x (which is cheaper here in Germany). Like I said, I really like the idea of editing my tones with the app but I'm not sure if I NEED dual amp simulations for the metal/djent tones I want to achieve...what do you experienced Line6 users think?