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  1. jaredbrown85

    Helix Demo Videos

    Helix In The Studio - Vol I | Line 6: https://youtu.be/EVOSzWJiNBg
  2. jaredbrown85

    Is It Here Yet?

    Quote from DI @ the gear page http://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/line6-helix.1586637/page-181 At this time, no dealer is aware of any shipping date. I get asked this question at least once a day (from sales, marketing, customer service, etc.), and maybe they're passing along their best guesses to dealers, distributors, artists, whomever... but the Helix team's answer hasn't changed. So unless you hear it from me (or Ben or Dale), every date you read is pure conjecture. If something happens and the date slips, I'll let everyone know, but right now, we're on schedule.
  3. jaredbrown85

    Is It Here Yet?

    My Sweetwater rep gave specific date of August 20th. But that is always subject to change.
  4. jaredbrown85

    Helix FAQ

  5. jaredbrown85

    Helix FAQ

    What about Android, is USB option feasible?
  6. jaredbrown85

    Helix FAQ

    So every tone of wanna play along or try and get a part down I'm gonna have to add an input into a signal path. $1500 for a product 5 years of development. Something as simple as this is left out.
  7. jaredbrown85

    Helix FAQ

    I wanna do like I could do with the X3 live, obviously the firehawk could do this through Bluetooth. So I understand you, this is possible??? https://goo.gl/photos/kGtiJ2kTaieSdWuXA
  8. jaredbrown85

    Helix FAQ

    This seams pretty intuitive, but I'll ask anyway. Will I be able to use the Aux Input to send audio in from my phone. This is my primary method of practice.
  9. jaredbrown85

    Firmware and app update?

    Not trying to contradict what your saying. Bit that was not my experience. Any customer tones I had remained in my unit post update. That being said I used the PC method, and can't speak for the bluetooth update. Still would back up anything you wouldn't want lost.
  10. jaredbrown85

    Firehawk App Tempo Control

    Is that on an Apple product, or Android?
  11. jaredbrown85

    A and C system menu

    Yeah I got into the A&C menus last night. It scared me so I left crying . Lol
  12. jaredbrown85

    Firehawk App Tempo Control

    If it's an IPhone no, Android will alow tap tempo and manual entery. Not sure why that limitation on iPhone???
  13. jaredbrown85

    Firmware and app update?

    I would say it's more of a sound in a blender warping type sound. It's very much not musical.
  14. jaredbrown85

    Firmware and app update?

    Yes the audible noise is still there, Not as bad but still there. I think it was a bit of a stretch for them to say it has been eliminated.
  15. jaredbrown85

    Firehawk firmware v1.1 feature

    A 20 second countdown on the display would be great for the looper. I'm loving the new features!