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  1. So, quick update. I had some back and forth with line 6 support, somebody named Pete. You really didn't offer up any solutions other than I would need to send the power cab in to get it repaired. But he couldn't even really offer a solution in that regard. But, I am happy to report, the problem is solved! I was connecting the power cab to the Helix LT via both an AES and XLR analog cable. apparently with the new update, all that's needed now is the AES cable. When I had both cables connected, it was causing some weird phasing issue. With just the AES cable connected to the Helix LT, everything sounds fine! You can then go to the output section, and adjust all the parameters on the power cab, and assign speakers to each patch. hopefully this will help someone else having the same issue, as Line 6 support really didn't offer very much support...
  2. So, I opened a ticket with Line 6, and, I have to say, pretty unhappy with them,so far. I did discover that there is an issue with the digital cable, the AES or Link cable they call it, in that when I unplug it from the Helix LT the issue seems to mitigate to a certain degree. Actually quite a bit. But it still has a weird mid-range boost that sounds like it's around 1 to 3 K, but definitely improved when I unhook the cable. Thinking it was the digital cable, I ordered another one, received it plugged it in, and... Same issue I'm convinced there's something wrong with the power cab. I responded to the ticket I have open, and I'm waiting to hear back from Line 6. Unfortunately I bought this cabinet either is a B stock or used I can't remember because it was a year or two ago. So I probably have no options in regards to warranty. This cabinet has never been gigged, and never been out of my studio, and doesn't get used that much. This issue just all of a sudden appeared, not like happened after the cabinet was dropped or something of that nature. Pretty disappointed in this product at this point. I really loved it when I first got it it, sounded awesome, but now I can't even stand to listen to it when I plug the Helix LT into it. May end up selling this stuff and going in a different direction. Not happy with line 6 customer support either.
  3. I'm having a similar issue, and it seems like it's something that didn't happen when the PC+ was new..maybe the high frequency driver has an issue? I was thinking of resetting the PC + back to factory, to see if that helps..maybe someone from Line 6 can jump in? I use to love the sound of the Helix LT/PC+ combo, but now, I find myself playing it less and less because of this issue, and going back to my tube amps with the OX Box
  4. Actually, I was adding the block to a parallel path..when I put it back behind the amp block, it seems to have solved the problem..I guess I'll keep playing around with it..thanks for the advice!
  5. I'm sorry, maybe I wasn't clear..I'm using a SINGLE FX loop (stereo) block. I am not using the other send, only the L/mono send
  6. I tried uploading a picture, buy hot an error message..it's a pretty simple signal path. I'm simply running the send to the pedals (delay and modulation pedals) and running out of the pedals into the return. I have the send/return block after to the amp. No cab block, as I'm using the Powercab
  7. I'm actually using one stereo send/return block, but using only one send side (L/mono). It seems to be somewhat intermittent, like if I change patches or turn the unit off and back on. I have also tried running the send/return block on a parallel path, but same result. Definitely some kind of phase issue there. When I one of of the footswitches to bypass the block, the output is in phase and sounds fine.
  8. having an issue when I create an fx loop in the HX stomp. I'm running it into a power cab, which works great. However, when I put a FX loop send and return block into the signal path, and had a pedalboard, I get a pretty bad phase issue. If I turn the block off, the phase issue goes away. Any ideas?
  9. So, after a little research, I found that by going into global settings and changing the preset numbering from "24A" to just a straight number (1-125, I believe), the PC will match the preset, as you cycle up and down. You simply go into edit mode on each matching preset on the PC, and set it up however you like (IR or speaker models)..I spent a day setting up patches, and all I can say is that this setup is a game changer..if you're willing to spend some time "tweaking" you will be rewarded with a setup that sounds 99.9% like a tube amp, with a ton if different sounds.. needless be to say, I have drank the coolaid, very seriously be thinking of selling my tube amps ( and cabinets!)
  10. So, got the PC (after an agonizing wait, thanks FedEx), simply plugged the Stomp into input 1 with a TRS cable, set the Stomp's output to "line", and...wow! LOVE the speaker models! Spent the last couple days setting up patches specifically for the PC (no can emulations/IR's)..gotta say, it's the "amp in the room" sound..a little bit dark, but I'm sure I'll find the EQ tweak to brighten it up..soooo interactive with the amp models! Seriously thinking of selling my tube amps..oh, and it can get LOUD! Easily will be loud enough for gigs..
  11. Dies anyone have any experiencesetting up program changes with the HX stomp, to control which speaker each patches using? I've connected to MIDI cable, but all it does is change presets when I step on the preset button. It doesn't necessarily pair the preset with the patch on the HX Stomp. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  12. Just got my PC +, was having the "volume issue"...until I set the output of the HX Stomp to "line"..problem solved..plenty loud now..the volume controls on the amp models in Helix act as the real thing, you have to find the "sweet spot" on the master volume.
  13. How are you connecting the stomp? I would assume you're using the TRS out, as the stomp doesn't have a digital option. Also, are you using it as a FRFS ( I think I got the acronym right) with IR's, or usingbthe speaker modling?
  14. Is anybody using this set up? I have a powercab on it's way, and I was wondering if anyone has some set-up info
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