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  1. Missing as in not appearing (vs greyed out which as I understand means beyond DSP limit given current usage). Thanks - I guess I skipped the part where sub-menus are explained... they're all there. Shame on me & back to school & actually reading the manual... Speaking of which: Rotary 122 & 145 are listed in the table page 20 of the manual (that much I did catch), here's the link https://line6.com/data/6/0a020a4010c935bb66a4c0c44f/application/pdf/HX Stomp Manual - English .pdf thanks again !
  2. Recently got myself an Hx stomp which I’m beginning to really like - but for this one thing: i was surprised to see I had just the ‘ubiquitous vibe’ - not the other typical rotary drum sims in the ‘modulation’ list. Having looked at the manual& a couple videos I saw 2 effects were actuall missing - rotary 145 & rotary 122, as well as most if not all legacy modulation effects for that matter. I’m running the latest firmware (2.91). Any thoughts? Cheers, ben
  3. Hi all, Hopefully someone can shed a light. Got my Firehawk FX a couple of days ago and been playing quite a bit, 90% on headphones, 10% in front of my trusty modded fender champ 600 into a 1x12. With the headphones (beyerdynamics dt770 250 ohms) I'm having a hard time with saturated tones especially. Really harsh. Eq'ing and lowering the cranked master on certain amps alleviates this somehow but there's still this brittle, super trebly taint to the tones. Clean is less of a pain to the ear but affected too - the jc120 for instance sounds like I'm plugging into an acoustic amp. I can hear every little noise in the pick attack and on the fretboard. Same with most cleanish American amps. ODs and fuzz seems to be having the same effect and colour : harshness and fizz - the bronze od is probably the worst. So that's with the headphones. In front of the amp tones seem to improve and most importantly I seem to be able to dial out the harshness - you know, just turning the treble knob. One of my distorted tones seems to retain its harshness but I'm thinking of changing amps and avoiding the hi gain stuff altogether. So hearing the good stuff other users pull out from the FH on YouTube my thinking is the problem is with 1/ the dt770 (which worked nicely with my good'ol pod Xt back in the days..) and/or 2/myself. Has anybody been through this? Any advice? Thx!
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