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  1. Thank you. That is probably the obvious answer I was looking for: I need a cable with an USB C connector at one end and an USB 2 connector at the other. :D
  2. Hi. I´m sure there is an obvious answer to this question, but I have searched the FAQ´s and this forum without finding it. I just bought the Line 6 HX Effects and downloaded the HX Edit to my 2017 MacBook Pro. As you might know there are no USB-ports on this machine, so I have to use an external hub. I´m using a Satechi hub, which should be ok. It works fine with my Pod HD 500 and the Pod 500HD Edit at least. But with the HX Effects I get "no device connected". So what do I do? I really like the idea of editing my presets with an editor, and I would hate to return the box !
  3. I'm going to connect my POD HD500 to my Laney Lionheart combo L120T-112. I found this article: http://amplifya.com/setting-up-your-tube-amp-with-a-pod-hd500/ and it references a Line 6 primer on the subject which is supposed to be found here: http://line6.com/support/docs/DOC-2523. This link is broken. I suppose Line6 have forgotten to update it when they renewed their site. But as the article recommends it I would love to have a look! Where can I find it? I'm aware of several videos on YouTube on the subject, but anyway ...
  4. Hello! I want to order one of your VDI cables please. Judging by the comments posted here, they're great! :) What is the standard length? Anyway, 5 meters woud be ok. Paypal is fine by me. I live in Oslo, Norway. ;)
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