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  1. Has anyone found any particular channels to work better or worse in these metro areas? My band plays the towns in between. I just bought the G50, and currently am using channel 7.
  2. Somebody on youtube suggested that too. I would need something ultra transparent so as not to affect my real amp's tone. I use a Carvin Legacy 3. It's an amazing amp, and I don't want anything affecting that.
  3. Bummer. So I really only have 6 available since I have that vol and wah in there?
  4. So, I've graduated from the XT Live to an HD500X. I'm running in the FS 5-8 mode. I set up a volume and wah, which is groovy, but have I lost 2 footswitches now? The vol and wah show in the first 2 slots, and I've routed them to the exp pedal (as is proper), but now I only show 6 open FX blocks. Is there a way to put 2 more fx blocks in there? Note: I am only using fx, no amps. If this has been covered, can you include a link to that?
  5. OK, update.... It worked for a couple weeks, but once I got into the first gig it failed again. Also, the volume pedal is back to not going all the way out after I calibrated it (when I replaced the board). So it's not the 2 small boards under the pedal. What is it? I mean, I can feel the pedal click, the wah is just not engaging. This is so frustrating!!! Someone please help!
  6. FInally got the new board, and that fixed it. However, I don't think I'll ever order from Full Compass again. It took them over 3 weeks to get this part to me.
  7. I ordered the replacement circuit board today from Full Compass. Hopefully this whole problem is a nice $17 fix.
  8. I had one before, so I'm familiar with how hard to press the pedal to kick in the wah. Suddenly, on this gig, I had to really stomp on it hard, so something is wrong. The button, maybe? Is that on a board I'd have to replace?
  9. I'm having an issue with my Pod. I just picked up an old XT Live used, but what seemed mint condition. However, the volume does not come all the way out when I back the pedal down all the way. I checked the setting, and it shows 0 for minimum volume, so that's not it. Last night at a gig, the wah wouldn't kick in. I had to stomp it REALLY hard, then it finally did. Then, periodically, it would kick in by itself and I'd have to hit the patch to get it out. Is there supposed to be a little rubber pad or anything on the bottom of the pedal to hit the button under there? Because there isn't now, and I wonder if it fell off while bouncing aroung in the gear trailer. ~Muppet.
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