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  1. jmmm I think your problem is other. My problem was the unit always power-on but sometimes the leds were crazy. The unit worked for a time but the problem appears again. The last time, line6 send a hardware update and the unit works well after that but honestly I dont use much it.
  2. Hi Triyche, Can you tell us how to open a ticket? Tnks
  3. Hi, I tried a hard reset and a flash update but it still not works. Until this point I'm a little desperate and I try to disassemble the unit. Fortunately I found the problem and a temporary solution. Between the control panel and the mother board exists a little bus to connect these cards. This bus has some type of glue but for my case, the glue was melting. I pushed the bus and this solve the problem (in the mother board side). How can solve this definitively? or Can I put new glue? What type of glue? Tnks!!!
  4. Hi guys Yesterday my amplifi fx100 works fine but today not. The switch buttons not work, always stay in the first bank. In the master volume (red leds) not works all leds. The white leds works fine. I try to make a hardware reset but not not works. Help me please!!!
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