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  1. I heard back from Line 6...this was their reply: "The feature you're describing is something that is found within our HD500X or the Helix. However, it is not available within the Firehawk 1500 or Spider V. Since you have Variax guitars, I would likely recommend the Helix more so over the Firehawk 1500 - but both of them come with the Variax connection." Needless to say, I was rather disappointed in this answer. Not only is this feature almost free to include (from a programming standpoint), its usefulness can't be overstated. Anyone who has used the feature would never want to go backwards, and those who haven't probably just don't know that it exists (I've talked to a few HD500 owners who had no idea they could do that). Also, a huge problem with his suggestion is that Helix is not an amplifier. One of the big appeals to me of the Spider V and Firehawk is that everything in my rig except the guitar is contained in one relatively small and easy to set up box. Not to mention that Helix is quite a bit more expensive, which is probably why it was suggested. I've been a long-time user of Line 6 products (POD HD500 and two Variax guitars). I personally have had good experiences with them. However, I know people personally who have had nightmare experiences with Line 6 Support, resulting in the loss of hundreds of dollars. I have noticed the Line 6 customer experience declining rapidly over the past few years, and it seems to continue to spiral negatively. To offer a brand new product like Spider V without this simple feature (not to mention without an effects loop and Variax support) is a sign that they care very little about their customers' needs...and I think it will cause them big problems in the future.
  2. No question, the FH 1500 needs the ability to assign more than one effects block on/off per FBV foot switch (similar to the POD HD500, et. al.). When I was shopping for modeling amps, this was a deal-breaker for me. I can't believe this is not a feature, it seems like such a no-brainer.
  3. Same here. It has pretty much everything I want except for that one feature, which, unfortunately, I rely pretty heavily on. It seems like such a no-brainer that I'm shocked it's not included. I have a ticket submitted to Line 6 asking if they did the same thing to the Spider V, although I would much prefer to have the FH 1500.
  4. I just found out that the Firehawk 1500 does not allow a given FBV foot switch to be assigned to more than one effect block. The HD500 does have this feature, and it is so useful that I would almost call it a necessity. Will the Spider V suffer from this same shortcoming?
  5. Agreed, that's good advice. If I got some idea that it was going to be added, and an approximate time frame, I would be able to make a better plan for what gear I'm going to end up with in the near future.
  6. Thanks for the info. That seems like such an obvious capability to carry over from the HD500. Does anyone know if there's any plan to add this functionality via a firmware update? This could literally be a deal-breaker for me for whether or not to buy a FH 1500. Creating a whole new patch just to turn on/off an effect is inefficient, not to mention there's usually an audible "break" in the sound when switching between patches that isn't there when simply turning on/off an effect (at least on the HD500). Is there something I'm missing? Does anyone know a good workaround for this?
  7. I read buried within another post that you can't assign multiple effects blocks to a single foot switch. I did this with my POD HD500, and really depend on it. Is it true that you can't assign more than one effect per foot switch with the Firehawk 1500?
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