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  1. Great points, hurghanico. Funny you said that, and though I just retrieved your last message now, and had more or less decided today that if I was going to get a JTV Variax, I would just get another guitar. Its funny you mentioned the compression factor because that was my exact thought when I watched several YouTube videos demonstrating the JTV, there was a noticeable amount of compression on the electric models. My Variax 700 has some kind of a loose connection around the jack that cuts off the sound so it's got to be fixed. I've gotten a suggestion here to clean the contacts, and another one to buy a replacement jack, but I'm not sure that part would work on the older unit. Calabasas isn't too major a distance for me to just take the guitar down there and have them fix it. The guitar works perfectly with the XPS A/B box for now, didn't think of using a TRS cable in battery mode (I usually plug into the front of a Fractal Audio Axe-Fx). I even got the old Variax Workbench program to work on my Windows 10 machine :D
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, hurghanico! That's a great suggestion that I will follow up in case I cannot get the remaining electronics replaced. The JTV electronics sound better than the original from everything I have read and heard, and the JTV has a battery that is rechargeable, but to get an American JTV, it would set me back over $4,000 and my Japanese Variax 700 legacy is probably built nicer than the Korean-built JTV models, and I've had Kunio Sugai work on setting the guitar up. I just hate to part with it!
  3. I am more than a little late replying to this thread, Petrov, I lost contact with this forum until now. If you and your work mate happen to still be in business and willing to do this mod, I would love to set something up. I will message you with my contact information.
  4. Thanks very much the response! I think I can log a support ticket with Line 6, but I am just not too sure that Line 6 would grant me a return authorization when I tell Line 6 the reason that I am talking to them since this is not a routine type of repair, can you explain a little further what you meant so that I can follow your suggestion?
  5. Thank you very much. I appreciate the referral. I reached out to Full Compass and they advised me to email their parts department, so I will await their response. My luthier does not know how to deal with the Variax, so my quest continues not only for the parts, but a luthier who is versed with working on the Variax. I actually called James Tyler Guitars yesterday also, but they mentioned that all of the work on the Line 6 instruments is of course done at Line 6.
  6. I own a translucent blue Variax 700 that I purchased in 2003 from Musician's Friend. I love this guitar, but lately I am having trouble with the jack connection (although it works great with the Line 6 TRS cable, and floor pedal). If anyone has any experience or knowledge with fitting the legacy Variax 700 with the James Tyler electronics and battery pack, I would be interested in retrofitting the guitar. These units were very well made. I called Line 6 in 2014 to talk to them about it, and Line 6 did not do this type of project. Any help would be much appreciated!
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