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  1. noshat

    Pod X3 Live OSX Yosemite

    The same problem here gearbox (3.72) reports wrong driver
  2. noshat

    Pod X3 Live OSX Yosemite

    The new driver 7.3.7 for Yosemite doesn't work with Gearbox. By booting gearbox I get the following message "Ignoring connection to POD X3 Pro.This device has an incompatible driver installed" How do you solve this problem, I have now an expensive pod x3 pro that doesn't work correct. Please help me to solve this problem. So i can use gearbox again like before the upgrade to Yosemite
  3. noshat

    Pod X3 Live OSX Yosemite

    Line 6 when you come up with an update for the gearbox? I use a pod x3 pro 5 years old and is now unusable