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    Helix FAQ

    Seems I finally found an answer to my first question about preset mode and having the top buttons be stomp controls while the bottom are presets. Just trying to find out if the cab part can be turned off to go into a power amp and cab from the 1/4 outs, but at the same time the cab simulation stays on thru the direct xlr to PA outs?
  2. krazyhektor

    Helix FAQ

    In patch mode on helix could you for example, have the bottom buttons change patches, but the top buttons turn on and off fx stomp delay etc? You may have a crunch sound that you would like to just click on a delay without having to change patches or change into "stomp" mode. Next is it possible to send out of the xlr out to a pa etc. WITH cab models on, and at the same time send out the 1/4 jack into a power amp and can WITHOUT the cab modelling on
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