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  1. Thanks that's really helpful. I'm happy enough with a slightly darker sound, and like the idea of heading towards that vintage PAF sound (or so Bareknuckle claim) with the Mules. Fingers crossed it'll work well. I'll post some feedback if/when i go ahead with it.
  2. I'm thinking of swapping out my JTV-59's standard pup's with Bareknuckle mules but have a concern over the resistance. I read on another forum post that the resistance should be between 6-8 - the Bareknuckle website quotes the following for the Mules. Position: Bridge, DC Resistance: 8.4 kΩ, Magnet: Alnico 4 Position: Neck, DC Resistance: 7.3 kΩ, Magnet: Alnico 4 I'm confident enough with the wiring, have the diagrams, know how to solder etc. BUt am i going to hit troubles with the rest of the JTV's electronics if i go ahead? Or will it be ok? Also, anyone got any experience of Bareknuckles in a JTV? Or good news storied about swapping out pups on their JTV? Thanks.
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