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    POD Go FAQ

    Getting rid of my almost 40 pound Pedalboard is what's making the POD GO so appealing to me as well as feeling your pain!! That and NOT having to also tote around my Marshall DSL as well and just taking a LIGHTWEIGHT FRFR Speaker makes setting up and tearing down a breeze. I had Roadies back in the 80's. Their all gone now so it's just my Spine and me! Lol... I'm not getting any younger and after 45+ years of performing, the GO seems like the best choice for me. I was going between the Helix LT and the Headrush primarily, while also keeping the Boss GT-1000 in the back of my mind. I have 3 basic Amp Tones....Clean, Gain and a slightly Heavier Gain for Leads. The vast majority of my Effects are Modulation and a couple of Delays while also needing a Harmonizer. Line 6 NAILED the Eventide Harmonizer, sounding like the Smart Harmony built in to everything from the M-Series to the Helix. The Twin Harmony from the HD500X would have been fine however, I really fell in love with the Smart Harmony while using the HX for a short while. It's going to be wonderful just running a couple of Cables to the FOH.....Sound System... then a line to a single FRFR as my personal Monitor. I'm sure that's really going to make, not only our Soundman, also the rest of the band happy as well! After FINALLY getting a Representative from Line 6 on the Phone, he answered EVERY question I had. Now, I just have to decide between the LT and the POD GO!!!....UGGHHHH!! I just basically want my 3 tones from my Amp with the Modulations I can just turn on and off....those rarely change, have the Tap Tempo for my ON BOARD Delay as well as a separate Tap for the Echoplex. That's an Outboard Pedal which runs directly into the front of whichever Amp I choose. That's all I need!! I can FINALLY retire my old Vintage Thomas Organ Wah!! That was the first Effect Pedal I received.....I was 10 at the time......and it was used. I'm old but not that old...lol! I have a small Pedalboard Case these will fit in to and I can have it as a "Carry on" whenever I fly. I won't have to worry about Backlines anymore, as well as not having to worry about my BACK finally saying, it's enough!!...LOL... Take care and good luck!
  2. kkdarling

    POD Go FAQ

    On the back of the POD GO, there is a Switch Input where you can connect 2 EXTRA SWITCHES, VIA A "Y CABLE." Maybe someone at Line 6 will read this and verify. If using a Y Cable to add 2 extra switches, I see no reason 1 of these couldn't be Momentary!!
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