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  1. The spider Valve HD100 MK II KICKS BUTT! For outdoor Festivals the power and flexibility can't be beat! Just done a Festival last night with the SV + 412 cab and shortboard MII and got nothing but praises from people in the audience about my sound. I do my home work and set my patches with my computer & Spider Valve edit tweek it to my liking name it and it's there. Playing in a variety Band no time to do the pedalboard dance, one tap and rock on. Line 6 and Bogner was a great marriage for the guitarist on a budget that want great tones and plenty of power. I wish they could have taken it a step further with more advanced modeling of the fire hawk, but that's alright. It still sounds better and has more flexibility than many amps out there at two and three times the price. I just found a used SV MKII 212 on line for smaller indoor gigs and may get a fire hawk fx going power in on the amp and I'm done. Most tube amps are noisy as hell and pedalboards add to that, with my set I can set it on an insane patch and turn the guitar full on and no noise till I touch the strings I love that. There are a lot of Line 6 haters out there ,stop the bitchin , take care of your gear spend time on your own presets and keep more money in your pocket. Quality control has slip-ups in China as well as USA, still for the price your still getting way more than you paid with Line 6 gear. There is a compromise with everything you can buy, but the most of your tone is in your hands!!! Practice!
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