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  1. I understand that. and I originally asked because I did not know if possibly these tones that are line 6 speific were possibly available to be downloaded from somewhere. That was my point on askin gin the first place. But again I am not saying its just a matter of twisting knobs. But every model of the spider series has these presets and artist created tones. The x3 pod live pedal is very comaptible with other created tones from other line 6 pedal devices So I don;t see why this would be such an issue. If it is in every spider series and you can download tones from other deivces that are compatible from custom tone Then why would it not be able to be offered for download? Ive owned FlextoneII and The Vetta II over the years and I don;t like having all my effects depending on my head if something goes wrong at a show . I can easily throw together some old pedals if needed if my live x3 acts up. But if your effects are all in your head then you have no effects and nothing to power your cabiinet therefore no show. I like the effects and tones those heads and the spider has avialable but I think they should be able to download into your line 6 pedal as well not just avialable in heads.
  2. I am serious as to why they arent available to be downloaded into the podx3 live and other pedals for line 6. Line 6 should make it available. They have the tones and the capability to make the sounds available for download into other pedals. Why is it only for the spider series? and nothing else? that doesnt make sense.
  3. Yes I know that. I was curious to know why not? Also.. does have a section of just their created tones that can be downloaded into the podx3 live pedal? like insane and all the other line 6 sounds along with the artist line 6 created sounds? I love the tones in the spider from line 6 and the artist tones but the live pod x3 pedal is much better for playing out live so I would love to be able to get these sounds downloaded into presets in my x3 live pedal. if that isnt available that is something LIne 6 should offer. Custom tone is great but it is very watered down with duplicates from the same user and they are all user contributions no line 6 tones and artist tones that you can download from custom tone. Thats silly to not ahve that available. You have all the tones you just need to make them available to us so we can download them into our line 6 gear
  4. Is there anywhere where you can download the artist created presets like that are pre programmed in the spider series that i can download into my pod x3 live? I know about custom tone forum but that seems to be all user contributed settings not Line 6 or artist created settings. im looking for the real pre programmed settings that are in the spider series. Thanks in advance. maybe they are somewhere and I just dont know it? any help would be appreciated. Tom