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  1. I purchased a UX8 off of eBay and although it seems to work fine, there is one problem. Some times the unit doesn’t turn on when I press the power button. When it is on and I press the power button it doesn’t shut off. I’m guessing but not really sure, that the power push button is not making full contact when pressed? Any ideas?
  2. Each of us have had a problem so far. We can't seem to figure out any method of connecting it without issue. At our last show my other guitar player was already connected and his was fine. I connect mine and was having drop outs. So I disconnected the power cable and put the wireless back on the dock. Connected the power to the dock and inserted the wireless to my guitar and it was working fine.
  3. So each band member has a g10. 2 guitar players and one bass player. The first time we used them at practice we had no issue. The next practice (which the bassist wasn't there) the other guitarist was coming out of my speaker cabinet. When I plugged in my g10 nothing happened other than pulsating white light. We had to turn off our amps, unplug the g10 dock. I let him connect his gear first and that worked. I connected my gear and we were good. Same thing happened at a show last night. My g10 was cutting in and out. I turned my amp off, unplugged the g10 then booted everything back up and it was fine. Any ideas? Can multiple players not use the same wireless?
  4. The Armageddon has midi in and thru. Isn't thru midi out? Would that tell the M5 to change presets?
  5. Thanks for the reply. I actually haven't got an answer for this question and lately been thinking about it. I really don't need to use many presets, but I have a midi solutions thru box that I could use to do more correct? It's good to know that I can make presets on the amp itself. I like to keep the M5 in the loop sitting on top of my amp. I just want to use the Armageddon's footswitch for everything.
  6. So first off I don't have a huge understanding of midi, so I'm not sure if what I am looking to do is even possible. I have the line 6 m5 and Egnater Armageddon which is midi capable. The Armageddon has a switch on the footswitch to turn the loop on automatically for any of the 3 channels. What I would like to do is have chorus on channel 1 (clean) and delay on channel 3 (lead). Also I don't know if this helps but the Armageddon has midi dip switches on back of the amp. I don't want to use a midi foot controller. Is this possible?
  7. This is also something I wanted to know as well before I purchase it. I use an EVH 5150 50 watt for live but I use a Hughes & Kettner red box DI to send an emulated cabinet simulator signal to the board instead of miking my cabinet. The red box Di goes between the head and cabinet then a xlr cable to the board. I am wondering if this could be used for the amplifi? I am intrigued by this new amp because I play in a cover band and practice all the songs at home before a show. This could be a useful piece of gear but I would also like to use it to record like I use to with my Spider HD100
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