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  1. I suddenly realized I never updated the ios on my phone so I'm in business until my ipad gets ios9 fixed. So hopefully no big deal for me. I haven't tried it yet but I expect to be all right. Let us know Line6 when ios9 works on the ipad. Thanks.
  2. I decided to hold off on sending mine back to the eBay seller because I think it will be worth the wait. I need a quick convenient hook up to my computer and this seems perfect. Hope they get it done sooner than later.
  3. You have to be kidding me. Just got the Amplifi TT today from an eBay purchase. Had the app downloaded and was ready never dreaming there was an issue with ios9. Crashed and crashed so I googled and found this. I've contacted the seller and sending this piece of junk back to them. Thanks a lot line6!
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