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  1. I have always bypassed the amp modeling and relied on whatever head I was using for my gain, so the AMP modeling when bypassed allows you to use the Line 6 Compressor, and if you set the Threshold at 0, you can crank the gain on it to give you a cleaner volume boost. I had done that before, and I had two channels set up, one for rhythm and one for lead, but it never worked until I ran it through the effects loop. Once I did that, the Comp started working a little too well, I had to turn it down, and the Amp Bypass Channel Volume is more noticeable as well. So, basically, once I ran it through the effects loop on my head it started working
  2. I know I asked this before,but, now that I got my volume boost where I want it, the CLIP icon keeps popping up, that is not going to damage my POD, head or speakers is it?
  3. I have a PODxt live foot pedal, and I have tried using the Line 6 Comp to try and get a volume boost for my leads, but it just isn't loud enough. It works really well when I run the LIne 6 through my amp's effect loops, but then all my modulation don't sound very good, so I have to run it through the front of my head. I was wondering if the Boost+ EQ would help if I crank the gain on it without adding more distortion to my sound. Or if I should use either the Blue Comp or the Red Comp for a boost. I really don't want to add a volume boost pedal if there is a solution on my line 6. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated, thanks.
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