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  1. Good news here! After this weekends detailed testing It seems that this is perfectly doable :) If you run your amps in hd500 "disabled" and DT25 over L6 link configures itself to "combo pwr" mode (and goes to B channel) it is exactly the same as "studio direct". You can hear switch in audio signal every time when changing mode manually in HD500 - but the sound stays the same, probably because the amps/cabs in pod are off. So I can safely run my other non-DT amp in the 1/4" R out and this way I can use both and use the highest quality sound I can out of DT and my other amp. "Combo front" i "Stack front" mode don't work this way, they change the EQ so the 1/4" out is also changed. I don't think any of this is possible with preamps on/cabs off in the pod though but I didn't test it this way since if I use preamps from the pod I want them ON anyway. I hope someone finds this information usable. Cheers!
  2. Well I can switch it to "studio direct" manually, it surprised me as well. Maybe because I have no amp selected in hd500 and DT25 defaults to channel B? Will try that today again. The sound not being as good as I reffered is adressing DT25 via 1/4" output versus L6 link. If you go HD500 - 1/4" audio out > DT25 you have one extra level of AD conversion. If you are already digital in the hd500 and go digital via L6 to DT25 the signal is better and I can feel this. The other thing is if I go "studio direct" and 1/4" out to my other amp it is fine since it doesn't have AD converter and is all analog. If I use L6 link and hd500 switches to "combo pwr" mode it muffles this output and the sound sucks. Will investigate further and report if I find a way but seems to me L6 link in dual amp mode will not be an option as well. Thnx
  3. Similar problem here maybe you could answer and help me. I am using dual amp setup for years, usually involving AC30 and an other fender-type amp. So now that I have DT25 and HD500, my idea is to use that combo via L6-link and in the same time 1/4" right audio out of HD500 to my secondary fender-type amp. No problem so far, I configured DT25-HD500 the right way. AES/EBU cable - hd500 puts itself in a "combo power amp" mode and there is the problem. It sends that signal out of the 1/4" audio out to my other amp. While DT sounds better, second amp sounds worse. I can manually switch "combo power amp" to "studio/direct" and it stays that way until another power-up but I am not sure is this a viable solution? I have tried this for a few minutes yesterday and will do more tests today so I am not fully sure yet what this does to DT25 sound and the other amp signal-wise. But it is different for sure. I use HD500 as a FX only device as I have always done which defaults DT25 to channel B (where I have uploaded the amps I like). That is fine for this application. HD500 fx loop is full with other pedals so it is not an option. So far I have concluded the following: I can use DT25+other amp as a regular amps without L6 link if I really have to, the way I have for years. Some FX to line A, some to line B outputs, works fine. But I have noticed the sound of DT25 is noticeably better using L6 link (which is logical since it uses one AD conversion stage less) and I would like to use it that way if possible. The questions: 1. Is the only proper way to use single DT25 (with HD500 via L6 link) with another secondary amp to use another DT25 or I could combine DT25 and some other non-DT amp via audio out as I would like? 2. What happens internally DT25-HD500-via L6-link combo when I manually override "combo power amp" mode with the "studio/direct" mode? Is this ok or this would change the DT sound the wrong way? And the regular 1/4" unbalanced output for other non-DT amp? Or the only way is to use it this way is without L6 link, just like a regular amp as I concluded even though the sound is not on the same level as L6 link? I do want the best sound possible so it is a big issue. And I do use HD500 preamps to single DT25 amp via L6 link for some other scenarios, so it is not wasted but that is another story :) Thanks!
  4. Thanks guys. At least this clarifies things for me. Best two options as I see it are.... a/ I'll have two identical set lists...one for DT25 with "virtual" EP pre and one for regular amp when I'll use the real one on the board if the DT goes down or I wan't to use a regular amp. b/ to make secondary EXP latch pedal for boost control per patch. I should be able to do this even though it doesn't sound the same but I don't need a set list duplicated. Shame I can't use it the way I use it with standard amp to slam the input....FX loop is not an option as I explained earlier. Cheers
  5. So what is the tech behind L6 link through XLR jack? That is 100% digital right? Just data? No way to make simple interface then.
  6. There are four: 1. I have something already in the fx loop (POG2). 2. I still wan't to use booster last in chain if in front of a regular amp where it doesn't cause any clipping of the digital path but rather a real volume boost and nice tone. 3. Actually wouldn't that differ when on L6 link with DT25 if boost is last in the pod chain and not first hitting the preamp and then poweramp? I don't know... 4. In case of DT25 failure, I could use any standard amp available at the venue. Thanks!
  7. Is there a way to use a boost through L6 link (but not through the pod fx loop)? I have Pod HD500 and DT25 working with L6 link but I'm also using HD500 with standard amps half the time. I have also Xotic EP booster which I really like for the solo boost - after HD500 before the amp and it works great. So if I use L6 link to DT25 I lose the ability to use it before the amplifier as usual and that is where I find it sounds the best. Maybe there is some kind of connector or interface that I could buy or make that would allow me to do that and use EP booster in both configurations? Did someone find a way around this? Thank you!
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