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  1. Guess what? It's the stupid instrument cable! I didn't think it woud be since it was completely working fine the last time i used it...but, at least it's the cheapest fix! Thanks everyone!
  2. I actually found a Windows 8 driver at the m-audio website for my midisport uno. It came out May 13th 2013 according to their website. The patch files transfered no problem, I was able to make edits no problem, and I played the guitar no problems. I only mentioned the midisport uno just to be as detailed as possible. I turned it off and then went to play it again a few days later, and that's when I had the problem of no sound coming out the speakers. I tried headphones and that didn't make a difference.
  3. Wondering if anyone can help me out here. Could not find a solution in the knowledge base. Been using my Vetta II HD head with 4x12 slant cab with no problems. Recently, transferred a couple of tones from the amp to my PC Windows 8 using Midisport Uno. Tried to play some songs today, but no sound is coming out of the speakers. No changes were made to my setup. The amp was not moved around. The cable and guitar are good, played them on another amp days before. When I plug in the cable, there's that "plug in cable" sound but it seems reduced or suppressed. Changing from one amp channel to another makes a sound like when you accidentally bump an amp that's turned on, that echo sound. Touching the end of the instrument cable with my finger while it's plugged into the amp doesn't provide any sound, like there's no signal. I'm running version 2.50 and I just reinstalled 2.50 again to see if that would help, but it didn't. I don't know if I should open it up and look for loose connections, but I don't think there would be because everything's been sitting still. Any thoughts or help? Please! Thanks!
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