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  1. I just proved all the advices to how connect and configure sensivity, volumen, etc, even I proved using a mixer in between to control the Yamaha DBR10 input, and I can say that these are not 700w nor 350w... the HX Stomp connected to the power amp of my Fender hot rod deluxe sounds way louder than the yamaha dbr10.
  2. I purchased a Yamaha DBR10, it supposed to have 700w but using it with my HX Stomp, with the master volume at full, I can only set the DBR10 at - 3 or so and the Limit protection starts. My HX Stomp out is set to line output and connected jack to input 1 jack in line mode,but the same occurs with the 2nd input. I can't have enough power to play with my power trio band.
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