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  1. So after reinstalling POD Farm that weird phasey sounding artifact ceased. Only thing is I have to keep POD Farm open, whether I'm using it or not, to keep that sound that from going back. Oh well, seems a small price to pay for the convenience I'm getting.
  2. I've tried all this stuff before, and I still get this phasey/crackling noise. Doesn't matter what DAW or kinds of sims I using, I still get this noise. Got I with POD Farm, got it with Amplitube, and get it with every other amp sim I use. Got Reaper recognizing the UX!'s drivers, same too on Riffworks. I've tried regulating buffer sizes, updating drivers, changing gear, changing rooms, running my machine unconnected to the web, with no background programs running, and I'm still getting this phasey/crackling sound.
  3. If I create a new project in Reaper or Riffworks, and play through it clean, I can still hear it, although it's much fainter sounding without any sims on it. No noise gate or other types of modulation on that clip. Signal chain was guitar> UX1> tube screamer sim> LeCto> KeFIR DAWs don't matter though. Keep getting that sound no matter what equipment I use.
  4. I do need a laptop. Maybe this might be a good time to go looking around for one.
  5. I'm monitoring with headphones, so yes, I'm hearing it through them. I'm getting this same sound now matter what sim or DAW I use. I'm hearing it on totally clean signals as well, only not nearly as pronounced. The severity of the noise/sound, it seems, increases in proportion to the amount of gain I'm using as well. Like I said, I tried using two different guitars, different guitar/usb cables, different usb ports, and different wall sockets. I also tried standing far away from my PC to record/monitor and still got that sound. I got it using POD, Amplitube, and every other amp sim I own. I've updated all my drivers as well. Am thinking my next step might be to wipe my PC and try a reinstall of Win 7.
  6. If you listen to the clip I posted, you'll hear that it's not exactly a burst of white noise, but some kind of sonic artifact that kicks in as the note/chord fades. This sound is present on clean DIs as well, but is really exacerbated by levels of added gain.
  7. I don't know if this is a PC related issue or one with my UX1, but I'm getting this very odd kind of crackling hiss/white noise when I'm using the UX1. Here's an audio clip of the problem, https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/17738100/cleanDIwithsims.mp3 To help rule out various other factors, I tried using the UX1 with both Reaper and Riffworks and get this same kind of white noise/crackling hiss as the note/chord fades. I tried using different guitars, different guitar/usb cables, real/sim pedals, and every amp sim I've got archived. I've also tried standing well away from my PC while recording, as well as taking the PC to 3 other rooms in my house, but to no avail. Keep getting this noise no matter what and where I do it. That said, I like to rule out the UX1 as the culprit before I take my PC in to the shop to get it looked at. Also, if it's of any help, I'm running Win 7 64 bit, and my drivers, both PC and Line 6, are up to date. Any input would be extremely welcomed at this point. Thanks.
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