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  1. Hi, i want to know if there is anyway i can change my username?
  2. Can someone explain me how all the parameters of the autofilter work? or any page where i can read it would be good too
  3. Hi i need a new power supply for mi Hx Fx unit 'cos the one the comes with it is too small, i was reading a bit and a few people says that the pod hd power supplys goes well, i have my old pod hd300 power supply but it says that is 2A current and the Hx Fx says it require a minimum of 3A, is it safe to use the hd300 power supply? will it work well with Hx unit?
  4. thanks, i already search in the site but i couldnt find any patch, i think i will do it the old way haha
  5. So, i have my Hx effects, i use it with an amp simulator pedal in the Fx loop 2, and thru the Fx loop 1 i use the 4CM, thats my basic set. I recently acquire an EHX Mel 9, this one have 1 input, and 2 outputs, one for the direct dry signal and one for the effect signal, my issue is that for some songs, i need both signal, and for other i need just the effect from the Mel 9, but i dont know how to split the signal so i can mute my dry signal in the Hx, can someone help me to achieve the correct config please?
  6. Hola, recien adquiri un Hx Effects y estoy buscando parches de soda stereo, habra algunos por aqui?
  7. Hi, i use to have a POD HD300 and plug it into my laptop and this one was detected as a new audio card and i could play my music thru my amp while the pod was connected, my question is, can i do this with my HX effects? i already plug it and i couldnt find anythng
  8. Hello, im trying to open the line 6 monkey and update my pod hd300, but when i open monkey the only item i can select is the pod xt. anyone can help me to solve this issue? i have a samsung notebook, with windows 10
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