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  1. Hi, When selling L6 gear, does the new user have to register it (and I delete it), or am I missing a transfer function in the registered gear page in my account? Thanks in advance for all clarification, Eivind Lorentzen
  2. Thanks for adding to this thread, katerlouis 1) Fanned Fret is becoming more common place, partly because some of the big factories have adapted production lines (with all respect for the important labor of pioneering artisans, economical guitar production is about scale) 2) To the comment of "pling". On wide tunings at least, such as mine (C G D A E G). there is a considerable improvement in intonation and sound quality. 3) I am still willing to order in advance for any Variax FF-model to support the endeavour. Eivind Lorentzen https://www.facebook.com/gentleknife/
  3. I have played Variax almost exclusively since 2006 and "New Standard Tuning" (C-G-D-A-E-G) almost exclusively since 1989. The tuning benefits from multiscale necks to solve the tension problems (f.ex.a 26,5''-24'' fan). So before buying a Kiesel, Ibanez, Strandberg or similar and starting modifying it with Variax electronics, it would be interesting to know whether there are plans for a multiscale -- either based on the Standard, JTVs or the Shuriken-platform? If not, would it be possible to commission the building of Variax with a multiscale neck to the Yamaha Customs Shop or James Tyler? Regards, Eivind Lorentzen https://www.facebook.com/gentleknife
  4. Thanks. I am having exactly the same issue with my recently acquired FBV3 - Amplify75 combination. It shuts down abruptly after a short while. Updating drivers doesn't help. I will try your solution. Since this seems to be a general issue with the FBV3 maybe Line6 could comment on this, if they haven't already.
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