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  1. Hi all Im trying to clock the Helix tempo (delays etc ) from an external midi clock source. .its IOS 11 on an IPAD pro using a yamaha MD-BT01 to receive midi at the Line 6 Helix Its wildly misinterpreting the tempos...... Here are some examples of SONG tempo set in Bandhelper vs what arrives in Helix, and it runs at when clocked by the external midi clock also the light on the helix which flashes in time, is VERY irregular under bandhelper midi clock BH HELIX 65 69 76 80 80 82 113 127 121 135 also tried sending Midi clock from MIDIFLOW app on IOS...same thing ! ...so it looks like the HELIX is misinterpreting the incoming midi clock tempo....bizarre! Does anyone have any clue what could be going on here? Thanks in advance Bill P
  2. Thanks Rewolf... will be following the great advice given here ! Bill P
  3. Klangmaler...v good video...makes it all clear Amsdenj... we guitar players really have a lot to think about !!! ...keyboard players dont know they are born LOL Thanks again guys...I go forward with sound technique and knowledge Bill P
  4. Think I found the vital step in HX edit for the patch shown above - add a block in path 2A pull it down , then create output and create input on the actual splits, then I get a clean Path 2B for my Mic ...could be a eureka moment LOL but as you say, gonna have to be careful with available DSP .... thanks again Bill p
  5. Cheers I'm looking only at one guitar , one mic, but most of the great patches I'm looking at use both paths for guitar to which I want to add a mic and keep the guitar stuff intact (oh to be able to copy whole paths from 1 patch to another using the HX Edit, but thats another story ) Bill P PIC OF PATCH
  6. STEVEKC brilliant info that explains it beautifully - thanks ! I'm clear on it now :-) Bill P
  7. Just saw that and studying it now...will let you know if I need further help ...really appreciate it Bill P
  8. HonestOpinion.. I see ...so using that method, if I'm using a guitar preset which uses 2 DSP chips (paths) , it can still handle a mic plus some DSP , simply as long as DSP is still available by using 2B GREAT info..will take a look at that ! Silverhead..thats what I've been doing , but some of the great patches I have already use 2 guitar paths ..looks like the method above will work then for the patch I sent an image of for example.... cheers Bill p
  9. I need a mic channel (with effects) in each of my live guitar patches... Just checking that to do that I must only use 1 line of the 2 DSP's for the guitar to free up the other for the mic? so in other words thats NOT ok to use , as there would be no DSP channel for the MIC? thanks Bill P
  10. Im more the subtle trem than dive bomber type :-) thanks again- useful info ! Bill P
  11. Aaaaah i see - so basically once the string is on ands its tightened, don't loosen it or the string will pop out (as just happened ) LOL bizarre its going more out of tune then than the variax 700 which didn't have them ! thanks for the reply Bill P
  12. Hi all I have never had a guitar with the locking tuners before...I now have a JTV69S with them on... how exactly do they work, how tight should they be etc ... I just made the mistake of turning one and the string fell out completely ! I know its a basic question, but in 40 years of playing , I have never seen these before ! Also this thing seems to be going out of tune (Flat ) a lot...I'm using the trem but only mildly...any ideas to look for ? my old variax 700 never went out of tune like this ... any help appreciated Bill P
  13. Voted .... interesting suggestion on there that its added to NATIVE, then it would appease all those wanting the HXEDIT to mirror the hardware..... Bill P
  14. Thanks Honestopinion....seems thats my only way forward for now.. Having seen the "heated debate" on the other thread , what I will say is this.. In my View, there is absolutely NO point in having a computer based app (HX Edit) for a piece of hardware that exactly DUPLICATES the functions of the hardware.... Computer apps can do SO much more, and that can then be transferred to the hardware, otherwise whats the point exactly ? anyway...the Helix itself so far is awesome :-) thanks again Bill P
  15. haha cheers Guys .... appreciate the replies....just read that thread will have to work round the limitation :-) Bill P
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