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  1. Line 6 cannot buy anyone.. they were bought themselves by Yamaha and are now owned by the Japanese company.
  2. Now that Yamaha bought Line 6 I think you will see new hardware in order to recoup their investment quicker instead of any FREE meaningful upgrades happen. That makes sense for them. Axe FX is obviously moving into HD Pod-land with their newly announced product... it will be interesting.
  3. Its done now: Maybe explains the blow out pricing we see on JTV
  4. Well I see the Line 6 forums is still the place were trolls hang out. I haven't posted here in a long time as it is usually a waste of time. Typo trolls, bye! So things never change and this is one of them. This is why I gave up on this forum and Line 6 in general.
  5. Seems all the dealers and eBay are selling 59, 69 and 79 are bargain basement prices. I see them all over the place for $799 and under. Any ideas? New models coming or sales have peaked and they are reducing inventory? Looks like some good deals can be had right now.
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